fall & Spring Family camp at fishermen’s bend

Nestled along a forested curve of the North Santiam River, Fishermen's Bend site is popular with both families and large groups. 

The area offers camping and picnicking facilities, rustic cabin rentals and river access trails. Fishing, boating, swimming and hiking opportunities abound.

Natural Features

The park covers 170 acres along the North Santiam River, where a shady mix of mature Douglas fir, hemlock, and cedars forest the region. Ferns, mosses and wildflowers cover the forest floor. Wetlands and beaver ponds can be found throughout.

summer camp, Tigers wolfs bears

butte creek scout ranch

Location: Scotts Mills, Oregon
Age: 5 - 10 years old
Main Activities: Horseback riding, panning for gold, going fishing, archery, playing cowboy games

The moment each Cub Scout steps onto Main Street and lays eyes on the old frontier town of Butte Creek, he or she will find it easy to imagine themselves as part of the wild west. Butte Creek has a western town Main Street, and each day the mail is delivered by the Pony Express.

summer camp, Webelos

camp clark 

Location: Oregon Coast near Tillamook
Age: 9 - 10 years old (Webelos program)
Main Activities: Beach geology, war canoe building, Gaga ball, trail biking, woodcraft, tidepool exploration, archery, pellet gun range (NEW), cast-iron chef

Wake up each day to an ocean breeze, discover sea urchins, star fish and sand dollars in beautiful Oregon tidepools. Learn pioneering skills like blacksmithing, weaving and candle making in our Frontier Village. Participate in bonfires on the beach at night.

Camp Clark is named in honor of the Meriwether Lewis and William Clark Expedition in 1804 and its winter stay at Ft. Clatsop near the Columbia River, north of what is now the Meriwether-Clark Scout reservation.

Special Programming for Webelos

Camp Clark provides a premier overnight camping opportunity found nowhere else in Cascade Pacific Council for Webelos (Scouts who will attend the 4th and 5th grade during the fall). Camp Clark is a resident camp. Special programming is aimed at helping Webelos make a smooth transition into Scouts. This includes a visit to next-door Camp Meriwether to check out the activities that older Scouts enjoy.